Catching up

I’ve gotten sick over the past couple of days and it finally kicked in full force overnight. I feel gross. Took some Benadryl this morning and it knocked me out. Just took another dose of it. So this blog entry may become really bizarre if I don’t wrap it up soon.

I’m on the couch watching Law & Order on TNT. There’s an ad I’ve seen a couple of times for a “cold heat” soldering iron. Who the hell is soldering this much crap? One of their examples for how you can use the iron is to repair jewelry. It seems to me that if your jewelry breaks and it’s the kind of jewelry you can fix yourself with a soldering iron… then it might not be worth fixing.

So that new Strokes song “Juicebox” is really awful. I put it on the mp3 player along with a bunch of Darkness songs and everytime “Juicebox” started, I thought it was the Darkness. Or a really heavy version of the B-52s “Rock Lobster.”