Just like Ronnie sang…

Went to see Aaron Robinson at the Basement tonight. Aaron was great. He played a few songs solo before introducing his new band, the “Denver Broncos.” They then played four songs. It was a bit noisier than Aaron’s previous band, Imaginary Baseball League, but it was their first show so things haven’t been smoothed out yet. But maybe they’re going for something a little rough. It was cool. Aaron writes great songs for his voice and when they’re a little slow, he doesn’t drag out the length (always a plus). I hope they’ll rock it up a little and keep it kinda unpolished.

Next up was Buried Beds from Philadelphia and though I try my best not to slag bands by name here, they sucked. I will never understand how you can get five twenty-something-year-olds together with drums and electric guitars and make something that boring and sleepy. There will be time enough for that when you’re old. Make rock ‘n’ roll!

Closing the evening was Sleeptalker, the new band from Mason of Aireline. I was never a fan of Aireline and I don’t think I’ll be a fan of Sleeptalker. They were “louder but still sleepy” according to someone I probably shouldn’t identify. They had some good bits but more bad bits and especially too much “whooooeeeeyyyy” on the guitar. If you catch my drift.