They never got you…

With the lack of sleep and the intake of soggy leftover fried rice last night, I may have overdone it. I’m a bit knocked out. And though the Christmas Single is recorded, there is mixing and duplicating to be done. And of course, the shopping. Oh Lord, the shopping. No rest for the weary.

I have been remiss in updating the blog with media comings and goings. I’ve been trying to compile a year end list for the Zine. I looked back through this blog and was basically horrified to learn that I hadn’t talked up too many new releases in the past year. This is largely due to the scrambled way I listen to music–old and new, pop and indie, all shuffled together. But it’s also because only a certain few albums ever really grab me each year and writing about them when I’m soaking them in is difficult to do.

Often, I’ll realize that I’m spending so much time with albums that I must love them. Princess Superstar’s My Machine had that effect on me this year. I was listening to it every day. It was like a puzzle that I had to decode.

On the other hand, some records I won’t think about too much and then when I put them in, I’ll realize “Holy crap, this is so good and I know every note.” Spoon’s Gimme Fiction was one of those this year.

One of my New Year’s resolutions will be to pay closer attention to the music I’m listening to at the moment. Because if I write it down, I’ll probably start to discover more things to love.