Woofers made of steel

Went to The K’s last night for some ping pong and rock ‘n’ roll. The pong did not happen. As is typical of members of his family, he reminded me that he was “Mr. November” and then denied me the chance to kick his ass. Whenever his sister, the Caboose, wins a game off me, she suddenly has a dentist appointment she’s late for or something.

K and I did run through this year’s Christmas Single songs. Apparently, they’re a little fast paced. He’s not used to that tempo. Since I left the Carters, they’ve been mellowing out. We didn’t put anything down on tape last night, but we got ideas for the songs. I’ll try to write about our progress this year as we make it instead of lumping it all together into one unreadable entry. I will say these three little words to give you a taste of what’s to come: “extended bell solo.”

I listened to Gretchen Lieberum a bunch this morning. She sounds like Sade singing 1960s James Bond themes. Not bad.

With Lil Smell out of town, I got the entire house cleaned yesterday. Well, you know, kinda. Mostly I accomplished this by shoving all of her not-yet-unpacked boxes and my storage-bound furniture into her bedroom and closing the door. Wow, won’t she be surprised when she gets home tomorrow?