Frey Sued

James Frey, the author who made up a story and called it a memoir, the Oprah-endorsed A Million Little Pieces, is getting hit with a bunch of lawsuits. My favorite is this one:

In a federal class-action suit, readers said the book was a waste of time and they should be reimbursed for the cost of the tome and the hours they spent reading it.

Any other readers of Dave Barry’s Big Trouble or Ben Elton’s Stark want to join simliar class-action suits that I’ll be leading? Too bad I can’t sue all those Victorian novelists I had to read for my degree.

Maybe I can sue my professors for wasting my time… hmm…

UPDATE: Since Katherine at Nashville is Talking linked here and people might actually read something I wrote, I feel obliged to add Stephen Fry’s Making History to my list of books I’d like to sue over. The difference between Fry (not Frey) and Elton and Barry is that Fry had actually written hilarious, literate novels prior to MH. So I cut him some slack. Elton is just a pinhead, evidently. And Barry’s novel Big Trouble is so terrible that I held onto my copy to re-read and give to others so we’ll feel better about our writing.