Packing heat

So there’s a billion churches in town and so many have huge congregations that you’ll often run across some sort of traffic commandant stopping cars on a major road so that church-goers can exit their parking lot. Usually, the commandant looks to be a member of the congregation himself only in an orange or yellow vest. I’ve actually often wondered who these brave souls are who’ll stand in the middle of Franklin or Hillsboro Road with no real traffic-directing authority just hoping that drivers obey their hand signals.

But today I was driving past the Mormon sanctuary or celebrity center or whatever it’s called in my neighborhood and they’ve got two rent-a-cops directing traffic and carrying side-arms. Am I alone in thinking that on a Sunday afternoon a Glock isn’t really necessary to direct traffic in front of a church? (Temple… whatever…)

I mean, at first I assumed they were actual police and I understood they would be packing. But as I drove past, I noticed this weird Star Trek-esque logo on their sleeves. I don’t know, maybe it’s the Mormon 5-0. Whatever. Just took me by surprise.