A year ago, I announced my perennial resolution to get better scheduled and make time to read more. I will announce that again. Keeping a semi-regular blog with updates on what I’m reading has kept me more on the ball but I fell off during the fall. So I need to make up for that.

I’d also like to talk more about the music I’m listening to on the blog. I guess I do sort of and the post titles are usually lyrics from songs I’m listening to at the moment so that keeps me informed. But I was quite shocked when I reviewed the blog for the past year to determine my “best of” list (which, by the way, appears here) and found that I hadn’t mentioned that many albums that I liked. I will strive to rectify that situation this year.

I’ve got other resolutions like “play more golf” and “be a nicer person,” but those are really dull and I won’t waste any space elaborating on them. Like last year, I’ve got to get my ass scheduled. I think it might also be time to consider the career path. More on that later.

I’m tired. I worked almost all day yesterday (yes, on New Year’s Day) and this morning and I didn’t get much sleep in between. Maybe I should resolve to take more naps.