She likes, he likes, we like our three stripes…

Today’s update:

Books: My quest to read more books is off to a bad start. I decided to start with The Lord of The Rings as it comes highly recommended by a trusted source. I read five pages before going to sleep on Monday night. I did not pick it up yesterday. I’m thinking my odds on finishing it by the weekend are slim.

Rolando lent me a pile of books over the weekend. Several by Mr. Ross Macdonald, who writes extremely pulpy detective novels, and also An Evening of Long Goodbyes by Paul Murray. Hopefully, my desire to leap into those books will speed me through LOTR.

Music: I tired of the indie rock blowout I had at the end of the year, so my fPod has been bumping nothing but rap for nearly a week. I went on a quest for some Lady Sovereign and found a couple of remixes that I really like: the remix of her own “Adidas Hoodie” and a remix of The Streets “Fit But You Know It” on which Lady Sov appears.

Pong: I owned the pong table last night after a less-than-auspicious start against Andy (he skunked me). I went on to beat Andy 26-24 and then Todd K in three straight games. Todd, as usual after Christmas, is crippled by the luxury of playing ping pong in a larger room at his parents’ house.

Writing: I’m off to a slow start writing this year since one of the main writing projects I’d like to work on is a website for which I am determined to build the CMS. Towards that end I’ve been reading PHP & MySQL For Dummies. I have not yet begun work on the database end of the site. Though I’ve got a spiffy design already.