Turn up the Jesus…

Went to the Carters show at the Mercy Lounge last night. Despite arriving 45 minutes after the alleged start time, Dana Cerick was still playing. Evidently, she started a little late. I was unsurprised but still a little unnerved. I knew Dana would be playing a song she wrote about the Carter Administration that name-checked me. It would be, I was sure, a cringe-inducing experience. And it was.

Luckily, Dana did not seek any dialogue with me after the show, because I undoubtedly would have said something stupid like I did the last time.

The Carters were good, if a little trebly due to a funny mix. They played a really tight set, hit all the notes and said goodnight. If only all bands were as economical as they. We left before Lylas and Hotpipes started playing.

I started a discussion on the Zine yesterday about weeknight rock shows. My feelings are pretty clear: having more than 2 bands on a weeknight is just foolish. As is starting the show after 9. 8pm two band shows would be great. And I don’t know why they wouldn’t be more economically sound. I’d go to more shows if they were earlier and I might even pay more. And I’d definitely pay more for non-smoking shows. Though that’s another topic.

All right. Tomorrow’s new year’s resolution (I’m coming up with a new one every day) is to catch up on blogging about a bunch of stuff. I’m way behind. Expect tales of Cowboy Troy and penguins.