32I know there’s not some sort of automatic wisdom that you receive on your birthday, but it would be nice to think on that day when my age gets larger that things in my life are moving forward and not just swirling around in chaos.

Of course, staring in the bathroom mirror at 2 in the morning is probably not the best place to make that determination.

Thank you to those who helped me ring in my 33rd year by celebrating my 32nd birthday. I go forward a little wiser and a lot more alphabetized. And with a belly full of delicious ribs and cornbread.

I had a really great New Year’s this year. It gave me a lot of hope after a traumatic 2005. But things didn’t really keep moving upwards through January and February. So I’m trying my damndest to think of yesterday, my birthday, as my new New Year’s.

This is the fresh start. I’ll just keep telling myself that and it will be so.

I have described my state as feeling like I’ve been knocked off my axis. I’m out of balance and wobbling badly. But it occurs to me that it’s only by getting knocked off your axis that you’re able to establish a new orbit. As completely fucking cheesy as that sounds. So here’s to new orbits and the hope of getting more than 4 hours of sleep a night.