Another exciting weekend

My throat is beginning to hurt. Yuck. I think the late night show on Thursday combined with my inability to sleep more than 5 hours in a night (as well as everything else I’ve been dealing with) finally took its toll on me this week. I passed out around 10pm last night (meaning of course that I woke at 5–the most consecutive hours I’ve slept in a month) and tonight’s looking to be on the same course. I’ve got things to do but it’s hard to get them done. Laziness and a generally low mood are working against me. Sitting in front of the TV is boring. Sitting with a book is boring. I’m hoping that going to do my laundry in an hour will give me a boost of energy. At least I’ll be reading out of the house and that’s a little bit exciting. Tonight’s plans include sitting in front of the TV and screwing around on the computer.

Off the subject a little bit: I read an interview with a book editor once who said that he gave up trying to be a writer because it was too lonely. I thought at the time that I understood what he meant, but I’m only just now getting a glimpse at it. I wonder if I’m a writer because I’m lonely or if I’m lonely because I’m a writer. Kind of a chilling thought. But that’s the sort of crap that spins through my head on a Saturday afternoon when there’s nothing going on.