This has been sitting in our cupboard for weeks…


To my knowledge, it has never been used. It is, in case you’re curious, a plastic “tote” for your Pop Tarts. Because you know how you’re always running around getting your Pop Tarts dusty…

I mean, if only they packaged them in some sort of a… I don’t know… what’s the word… “pouch”?


The “tote” is really for the person who wants to take her Pop Tarts with her, but just wants to cram them in her back pocket. Like, “I wish I didn’t have to give a damn about how I carried these Pop Tarts to work with me.”

UPDATE: I have been put in my place:

The pop tart carrier seems practical to me. Before I started taking the entire box to work, I used to just throw a pouch in my purse. And the edges always broke off.