I won’t dance, I won’t sing, I won’t talk…

I headed down to the Mercy Lounge last night to see Girls and Boys and the Luxury Liners. Aaron Robinson opened the show. He and the band have gotten a lot tighter since their first show (obviously). Everything’s clicking really well between them.

I think it’s really interesting to contrast how melancholy Aaron’s songs are with how, um, not melancholy he is to talk with. He and I talked a bit after the show and he provided me with some big laughs.

Luxury Liners haven’t played in quite some time and they were super solid. David Dewese even ad-libbed a little bit of The Lemonheads’ “Alison’s Starting to Happen” in between songs which was perfectly apt since I’ve often described the Liners as very Lemonheads-esque. Girls and Boys were a bit noisy. Maybe it was the mix. Maybe it was the illness in the band. They sounded good, but they got a late start and I had to leave in the middle of their set.