Don’t know if this will make for interesting blogging, but I’ve got a pretty perfect selection on the fPod this morning and I thought I’d write about the songs being selected because the hits just keep coming.

“Die, Die, Die My Darling” — The Misfits
When this started up a few minutes ago, it was such a perfect fit for the mood I was in: frustrated, sitting in a cubicle.

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” — Smoking Popes
I’ve only recently been paying attention to The Popes belatedly released The Party’s Over album. Of course, now they’re back together. The Popes sound like Paul Burch singing rock music. Every song is full of sweet heartbreak. I should probably get more of their catalog.

“Jackson” — Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash
Nice song. Didn’t see the movie. Really couldn’t take this being sung by people named Joaquin and Reese. Especially since Joaquin was once named “Leaf.”

“Merchants of Soul” — Spoon

“My Son Calls Another Man Daddy” — Hank Williams Sr.
He’s talking about Bocephus.

“I Fought the Law”
The funny thing is that my fPod thinks this is Johnny Cash. It isn’t. I guess it’s the original version. Either way… *skip*

“I Will See You in Far Off Places” — Morrissey
Moz’s new song. I like it, but I wonder what the rest of the record will be like. It may soon be time for me to lay my involved analysis of Morrissey down.

“Everything Hits At Once (Disco Remix)” — Spoon
It sure as hell does, Britt. Nice remix. Not too different except for the Sea and Cake-esque vibraphone synth. Did John McEntire do this one?

“Lovesick Blues” — Hank Williams Sr.

“In The Jailhouse Now” — Hank Williams Sr.
The fPod says Hank Williams but I’m not so sure. Nonetheless, I dig this old tune. Did people really go to jail for playing cards and shooting dice?