What about the night makes you change?

I’m looking forward to digging into The Black KeysRubber Factory tomorrow. I’ve been blasting “10AM Automatic” all day.

Today was my dad’s birthday. I just got back from dinner at my parents’ house. They regaled me with stories of my babyhood. Very bizarre to hear about things your parents did involving you when they were younger than you are now. Make sense? I mean, I’m almost the age at which my father was when I was born. And my mother was telling me things like she had no idea how to bathe a baby when I was born. Shit, mom, I’m not even that together.

My brother, who is older than my mom was when she had me, is getting about 3 hours of sleep tonight and then getting in a car to drive to Vermont to snowboard. Different priorities, huh.

Hey, you like the new look of the blog?

The darkness of the last theme was getting a little stifling. And I was looking at my design portfolio page and really digging it. Hence, the change.

Okay, at this point, “10AM Automatic” is just keeping me awake. Time to crawl in bed with a long-ass book.