What’s better than 4 blades in your razor?

Like many consumers, my friend Rolando and I have been mocking the steady increase in blades for razors over the past few years. Rolando informed me last weekend that he had purchased the Gillette 5 Blader this weekend in the face of his wife’s mockery. Just today, Instapundit mentioned his purchase of the same razor. I mailed the link to Rolando for comment. His reply:

Ok, I have to say – the new five-blader is fucking amazing. Like a lawnmower for your beard. I was also sort of skeptical, but it really works. I’ve been using it with this and am just super impressed.

I barely have the beard for one blade so I doubt I’ll be upgrading anytime soon.

UPDATE from Rolando:

I should mention I have now cut myself twice, though … it may be a little too powerful.