You call ’em Hueys but we call ’em choppers…

Saw SOUND Team at the Basement last night. Late show. Got there around ten and probably had 15 or 20 minutes before Richard James started playing. It was loud. Richard James was interesting. Really tight. Kinda garage-y, old school rock. Just not what I was in the mood for.

Up next were The Love Drunks, a punkabilly band from Atlanta. They had an interesting lead singer who spent most of his time in the crowd dripping sweat and beer on people who were clearly uncomfortable with it. Case in point, he approached me and bumped his crotch into my crotch. I was yucked out. That pretty much guaranteed a “crying game shower” when I got home.

SOUND Team didn’t get started til after midnight. They were really good and I enjoyed every minute of their perfectly economical set, but there wasn’t the same magic in the air as last fall. I think a big problem was the sound which was just unbelievably loud. I had earplugs in and it was still loud. Too loud. SOUND Team has a very reverby, washy sound and it just didn’t fill the room up like it should have with that volume. Instead it was brutal. Still, it’s a great room in which to see them. I hope they return to the Basement before they get too big for the little places.