You’ve been bit

I’m totally intrigued by a cover of Six Finger Satellite’s “Rabies (Baby’s got the)” by Duchess Says that I found over at The Prettiest Pony. I guess it’s mainly intriguing to wonder how anyone would even contemplate covering SFS. What is the thought-process there? “Let’s cover a song that’s completely unique to a certain band and time period….” It’s also interesting because it’s not a bad cover. Weird Moog sounds and all.

“Rabies” comes from SFS’s flawless record Severe Exposure (which is oddly unavailable from their label). I saw SFS on that tour (or perhaps the Paranormalized tour). They were opening for The Jesus Lizard. It was bizarre but amazing. I bought a t-shirt and some 7″s that I’d never found in any record store. Then I left. The merch girl asked me if I was going to stick around to see The Lizard and I said no. SFS were one of my favorite bands and I only knew one or two songs by TJL and I wasn’t going to ruin the SFS experience by suffering through them.

A couple of years later, in the Carter Administration, Ryan and I discovered we’d both been at the show. Only he’d skipped Six Finger Satellite.