Blog business

I added BlogAdSwap and CrispAds yesterday. BlogAdSwap is a program where bloggers trade ads on each other’s sites. I display ads for other blogs. Other blogs display an ad for my blog. They are supposed to boost my traffic, but right now it just looks like a bunch of ugly ads appear on my site. CrispAds is simply a Google AdSense-ish program that places ads on my site according to keywords. They have a noticeable dearth of keywords available. I was not impressed.

I have no expectations. I’ll see how they perform. I’ve tried out dozens of affiliate programs over the years and none has ever made me enough money to be worth the real estate I give them on my sites. BlogAds is the only thing that’s paid off and then only on where I set the price so low that anyone could afford it and the audience is so specific that advertisers can get their money’s worth.

When I set up blogs for people, they often want to know how to get Amazon affiliate status, Google AdSense and BlogAds all on their site at once. My advice is to experiment with a couple of ad programs and if they don’t make you any money, get rid of them. Don’t clutter your pages up with advertisements that aren’t paying you.

Just thought I’d share.