Last week, I looked into a few blog-oriented promotional services. I wrote about how it went with BlogAdSwap. Today, I got a note from the BlogExplosion people. They won’t add my blog because I have a script on all my pages that breaks frames. The reason for this is simple: I don’t want my pages displayed within someone else’s frames. Frames are dumb. If they can’t organize their “service” without frames, I won’t participate.

I also signed up for blogelo and tagged my site for “Nashville.” I spent way too much time trying to figure out how to get blogelo icons for my site or how to add tags with no success. Again, another service that just isn’t worth my time.

I design blogs for people and I field tons of questions about promoting blogs. I’ve never cared too much for those promotional services. I always thought that these services weren’t worth the effort. If you want to promote your blog, I’ve always thought it’s better to spend your time contacting other bloggers, linking to the blogs you read, etc. The power of the blogosphere is in the individual bloggers, not these services. As I look further into these services, I become more convinced of that.