Girls School Confidential

Sarcastro posts his review of Being Good. He wonders, as anyone should when offered an electronic copy of some stranger’s self-published first novel, “What sort of lame shit is this going to be?”

But then he quite flatteringly says:

What I admire about the book is an identification with Slav O’Se, the not so humble narrator. He is a fully three dimensional character and will remind the reader of someone they know in their life. Slav is a great and noble bastard, like many of us. He is an reliable unreliable narrator in the tradition of Holden Caufield, Patrick Bateman, and Tyler Durden’s alter ego Jack.

Thank you, Sarcastro. I just hope it provided you with half of the laughs you gave me with your live Thanksgiving blogging.

The Largehearted Boy also mentions my novel in today’s Shorties. Thanks!