Don’t you want to make him stay up late

I finished editing around 1am. Got in bed a little before 2. Woke up at 4.45 because some douchebag called my phone. (Didn’t answer. Private number.) Then I woke at 7am just like always. I can’t change the hour at which I wake; I can only adjust when I get to bed. Ugh.

That said, I didn’t even notice how late it had become while I was editing. I really liked reading the book again. I love the characters. I love the whole feeling of the book. I really hope other people feel the same way. The protagonist in Being Good, Slav O Se, is a giant bastard. He may be charming but he’s still a prick. The gang in Barry’s Cherries are fun to hang out with. I love re-reading it because I love hanging out with them.

Next time, though, I’m going to hang out with them earlier in the day.