If there’s one thing I won’t abide…

Samantha Burns reviews Being Good. I’m going to quote the crap out of this review, because I can’t decide on a short clip:

That’s right, this novel is crude and hilarious – all in one shot.

Just the way I like it, and I’m sure you will too.

It’s certainly not your typical, dry novel that you had to read in school. Being Good is definitely up-to-date, and it is a read that many, if not all bloggers, readers of blogs, and heck, anybody would love.

Further, although it was a thrill for me – and would be for many women – to see into the life and mind of a man in his late 20’s, it is even more of a thrill for me to explain that this book would likely appeal to the male readers out there.

I’m saying this because I know there are not an awful lot of novels written with the male reader in mind, and this novel has all the appeal of the male mentality with a touch of raw salaciousness (look it up).

Like Slav himself, Being Good will charm the pants off you.

Thank you, Samantha. I’m glad you enoyed it. Everybody else, go read her entire review.