Surprisingly touching cooter writing

Aunt B mentioned Being Good in two posts today. In the first, she drops this hilarity:

Also, Todd does very little writing about cooters–he’s more a tits man, apparently–but the cooter writing he does was surprisingly touching, in a weird way.

In the second, a post called “Dick Lit” (which is what I’ve been calling it for years!), she writes a great review with many flattering points. To wit:

Todd’s strong point is writing immediately recognizable and engaging characters that you like despite yourself.

Aunt B is the first to draw attention to the short story, Tim’s Funeral, that is printed after the novella Being Good but whose story takes place before. (And which I actually wrote four years before Being Good.) Aunt B seems to agree with me that the short story makes the book. If it were just the novella, Slav, the protagonist, would just be an ass who gets out of his predicaments pretty handily, but Tim’s Funeral shows what kind of ass he used to be. And you get how far he’s come. Of course, it’s not like congratulations are in order. This is a man who was so hammered at his best friend’s wedding reception that he spent most of his time on the floor under a paper tablecloth. “Growth” is relative.

Don’t you want to read it? If you’re a blogger, email me and I’ll send you an electronic copy for free.

Thanks, Aunt B. I took many notes from your review: more cooter writing, less emphasis on details you already have. Check.