The weirdest rock ‘n’ roll story I’ve heard

Usually when I hear a rock ‘n’ roll story, it’s pretty gross and often involves injury. But this is the craziest one I think I’ve heard because it’s so PG.

The Strokes played the Ryman on Monday night. They had the next day off and were staying in Nashville. So they decided to invite their friends The Kings of Leon to play a game of baseball.

Really. The Strokes invited the Kings of Leon to play baseball. All I could compare this to was when Batman visited Scooby Doo. Somehow it rent the fabric of reality.

I heard about this from one of my friends in Slack. He called last night and I asked if the game actually took place and he said, “Oh yeh, I played in it.”

Right. So, members of Slack along with the Kings of Leon played three-fifths of The Strokes and some of their crew on the David Lipscomb baseball field last night. Nine innings. Every detail I got made me laugh. “Where did you get the equipment?” I asked.

“The Strokes tour with it,” my friend answered.

The Kings of Leon had “Leon” on their baseball caps.

Everyone played in their normal rock ‘n’ roll clothes. So the Strokes were running the bases in skin-tight jeans and Converse All Stars.

Slack and the Kings won.

Is anyone else as amused by this as I am? I want more rock ‘n’ roll stories like this.