Well that was quick…

todd-a-blogadswapSo the BlogAdSwap people contacted me today. They said:

We have received complaints about your ad image. It is startling and graphic and many members are considering dropping our service because of it. We have temporarily de-activated your account. Please choose a more appropriate image, and re-validate your account to activate it.

Fat chance. I had checked them out a couple of times before I joined and I was never impressed. Much less so once the other users’ ugly, ugly ads started appearing on my site. You can check out samples of badly designed ads on BlogAdSwap’s home page. Also, as I understood it, only ads for blogs in the same category as mine would be displayed on my site. I checked humor and music for my preferred categories and got a butt load of political ads. Nice system.

My image may have been a little startling, but it’s a classic image of Debbie Harry licking a vinyl record and if BlogAdSwap’s members are tightly-assed enough to complain about that, I don’t want to be a member. Fair enough. I’d rather have a somewhat startling, aesthetically interesting ad on my site than the crap they’ve been sending my way. Chalk BlogAdSwap up as one more blog service that’s not worth the bother. Not as a rebellious gesture, but just because it’s too much effort for little payoff. At least for me.