Action is his reward

I know you all think there’s only one reason I’d post this video I just found on YouTube. Yes, it’s the Ramones. But it’s the Ramones doing the theme to the Spider-Man cartoon.

There are two stages in my love of the Ramones: the first was the tape I had of Ramones Mania that I used to listen to constantly when I was 16; the second came ten years later when I really got into them as a band. The “Spider-Man” theme bridges the gap. When I was living in England and working in a pub, this song was on our jukebox. So more than any other Ramones song, this one represents to me a real escape. You know, it was a momentary slice of Americana and real rock ‘n’ roll in a sea of flatulent Oasis “anthems” and barfy Prodigy explosions.

It’s really the only example to me of hearing the Ramones outside of the context of listening to the Ramones. My copy of Mania was like my copies (and I do mean copies, cassette duplications of someone else’s copy) of Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables and Minor Threat’s Discography — it was just sort of issued to me when I started being, um, truculent. I never heard any of those groups on the radio. I never heard any of them outside of playing my tapes of them or listening to the tapes at friend’s houses. Punk rock was its own little world that we might as well have just invented.

Hearing the “Spider-Man Theme” in public was proof that that music really did exist in the same world as all the lame music that was on the jukebox. And now that I think about it, that’s sort of depressing. I mean, when confronted with the choice between Oasis and the Ramones, most people would choose Oasis.

At least in the pub, we heard more Elvis than Oasis. Long live the King.

And look out, here comes the Spider-Man.