Author photos

todda_authorphoto_smallBehold my new author photo.

I’ve been hesitating talking about the author photos for my new novel because I decided not to use the original photo taken for the book and I hadn’t yet told the photographer. And in fact, I still haven’t. This is where he’s going to find out. So my apologies, Doug.

The story is this: Barry’s Cherries, as you may well know if you’ve been reading my blog, has a large Ramones theme running through it. One of the main characters is obsessed with the Ramones (much like I am) and they play a large part in her life. In the novel, the Ramones are mostly just decoration. It’s not like you have to know them or like them to enjoy the story. They really don’t factor in that much.

During the writing of the book, I used the Ramones and their music as a jumping off point for a lot of ideas and energy. Since I hadn’t cut my hair in a while when I started writing, I decided I wouldn’t cut it til I grew it long enough to take some promo photos with me emulating the Ramones famous first album cover.


Last summer, I had my friend Janie straighten my hair and my friend Doug Lehmann took those promo photos. Those photos are great and I love them, but eight months later as I finalized plans to publish the book, the Ramones photos looked pretty stern, kinda serious. And this isn’t a serious book. At least it isn’t black-and-white-grimmacing-at-the-camera serious. So I had my friend Emily take some new, color photos for me to choose an official “author photo.”

The new author photo is here and in thumbnail above. I think it’s a great, bright, sunshiney photo that captures me in the mood of the novel. Doug’s original Ramones photos (which I’ll still use for promotional stuff) are also in my Flickr account here. I hope you like them all as much as I do. Thanks to Doug and Emily for their great work.