I’m into looks but I’m also into books


So. After sending Barry’s Cherries to iUniverse for production, I was told about a service called Lulu that sets up print-on-demand publication for free. The main catch being that you have to set up your own book. I was curious about the service but initially didn’t know how I could try it out. After all, I didn’t want to publish a version of Barry’s Cherries that would be almost identical to iUniverse’s. Then I discovered that in addition to the standard 6×9 size book, Lulu makes a pocket size.

I loved the idea of creating a pocket edition of the book. It’s cheaper to buy. It’s totally cute. And it’s different. Not only different from the edition that will be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble but from most other books like it. I love it also because it’s about the same size as those old 1950s pulp paperbacks. When I was writing the novel, I was going for pulp. I even proposed a pulp-ish cover for the book before Cox came up with his brilliant idea. So how cool to have a little, pulpish version of the book?

Anyway, this is all my way of saying that the pocket edition of Barry’s Cherries is almost ready. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s ready but the only way to know is for me to order a copy for myself (done) and wait until I check it out before I make the book available for purchase. I’ve done this once already and went back to make revisions (that’s the copy pictured below and on my nightstand earlier). I should receive my revised version in the next few days.

So (assuming everything goes right), next Friday — May 5th — the pocket edition of Barry’s Cherries will be available for purchase. Tune in for further updates.

NB: The book fits completely in the back pocket of a pair of khakis.