Pink Spiders new video

pinkspidersvideoThe Pink Spider’s new video for “Little Razorblade” (that premieres tomorrow on TRL) is on director Joseph Kahn’s website. Just scroll down til you find it.

Honestly, watching this was such a bizarre experience. For starters, it doesn’t sound anything like any Pink Spiders show or recording I’ve ever heard. But then, when Matt’s face appears on the screen, I was hit with this really weird sensation like, “Hey, there’s Matt. What’s he doing on tv?”

I have long lost any belief that I could know what people will like or not but I’d say this has all the earmarks of a “hit.” I mean, it’s literally designed to be a hit. Of course, the verse-chorus-bridge song structure may throw all pop music consumers. Nowadays everything is verse-chorus-chorus-chorus-chorus-chorus.

I’m talking to Nemesisboy on the phone right now and he has some choice words for the video. I’ll share some phrases: “dick in the wind”, “Coke is it”, “Josie and the Pussycats.”

It’s wild, man.

UPDATE: From Nemesisboy: “They officially just blew The Features’ ass out of the water.”

UPDATE 2: Nemesisboy writes his own post about the video and it’s a classic.