Barry’s Cherries is at the proofing stage. With iUniverse this is done by sending me a PDF file of the cover and another of the book block. I will print it out and re-read the book again and make corrections. I only italicize the “again” because I’m currently in the middle of re-reading the edition that was pictured on my nightstand a couple of days ago. That edition is different from the iUniverse edition. I’ll elaborate later.

The iUniverse proofs have kind of stunned me. The cover looks amazing. Flat out amazing. But I open the book block and there’s a huge, like amazingly huge, screw up right in the beginning. They moved my acknowledgements page from the end of the book to the beginning which in itself wouldn’t be a big deal but they inserted it in between two title pages so it looks bad. That’s not the kind of thing that usually appears on the correction form. I’m still working on the wording of that correction: “Um, move pages vii and viii to the end of the whole book like it was in the manuscript.”

I hope that doesn’t count as one of my allowed corrections (in the self-publishing program I’m using, I get only so many freebie corrections). I really hope it doesn’t count as all of my corrections. We’ll see. I’ve got a phone call in to my PSA.

Other than that major goof, the book block looks great. Actually it looks too great for the subject matter of the book. They made all the chapter titles huge and added headers to the pages with the book and chapter titles. There’s something about seeing “Anus Festival” in 30 point type underneath a nice little chapter divider that makes me think “this isn’t what Gutenberg had in mind when he invented movable type.”