The weekend in brief

I started writing a post about my odd weekend but it quickly got out of hand. In brief, the following things happened:

  • I tried in vain to pinpoint and eliminate an odd smell in my car.
  • I noticed a brake light was out and when I stopped at a garage for a replacement, the attendant commented upon the smell in my car.
  • I spent two hours rearranging the order of my day to make a meeting that was never actually scheduled.
  • Got stopped by the po-po for having no brake light.
  • At said stop, I realized the address on my license is incorrect and I could not find my insurance card. Three violations, right there.
  • Let off with a warning. It must have been the David Lee Roth button on my jacket. (Remind me someday to tell you the story of the cops who told us “First of all, great music selection; I love Foreigner.” — before shutting down a good time.)
  • Was offered some hot — as in stolen — DVDs in a pool hall. The seller informed us that he was going to lay low for a while because he “done did something bad.”
  • Flooded the laundry room in my parents’ house.

Am I leaving anything out?