Because none of us is as dumb as all of us

I once tried to raise a discussion on the Zine about how dumb these “collectives” are that bands form every so often to “help the scene out.” The comments on the Zine, naturally, veered way off into something else, but I stand by my denouncement of all collectives of dumbasses who think that by joining forces they can really “make a difference.” More elaboration on that point really isn’t necessary because inevitably the bands that hitch their wagons to these stars are already terribly lame.

The latest of these collectives to come to my attention is “Movement Nashville” which wouldn’t warrant a mention but for the fact that it has spawned a parody called “Movement Belle Meade” on MySpace.

The parody group has chosen a very classy icon:


But more interesting are some of the groups in their “Top 8”:


Of course, that’s Bang Bang Bang from Washington, D.C., Bang Bang from Detroit and Nashville’s own Bang Bang Bang.

If you were wondering why none of those bands possess the URL, it’s because that belongs to Bang Bang Bang Booking.

Ha ha ha.

Somehow they left out Chicago’s Bang Bang.

And lest we forget, the song that started it all.