For sale

barryscherriesinhandI could delay this moment again until I inspected yet another copy of the book, but I think I might just need to loosen my grip. Um, that’s my way of saying that:

Barry’s Cherries is for sale.

This is the pocket edition and is only $12. (There is also a downloadable PDF version available.)

If you’ve been following the news here, you know that that I created this edition to be sold exclusively through The pocket edition is not available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. A full-size version is in production with iUniverse that will be available everywhere soon. But I was excited about publishing a pocket-sized edition of the book and Lulu’s turnaround time was very short.

The books look great and though the type is small, it’s easy to read and the book is certainly easy to carry around. I hope you’ll check out the book and consider purchasing it.

It’s going to be several more weeks before Barry’s Cherries is available elsewhere so seize the opportunity to get your copy of this fun summer book early. Tell your friends.