Girls and Boys at the End

My second trip to the End last week was to see pop juggernaut, Girls and Boys. It was Bri-Bri’s last show with them as he will be Jetpacking it full-time now. I cleverly stood outside for the two openers to avoid the smoke and, you know, riff-raff. When I finally made it inside after midnight for G&B, I was rewarded with great sound. Much improved over Thursday’s show.

G&B rocked a little harder than I’ve seen them recently. The good sound and small club suited them better than the Mercy Lounge where I’d last caught them. They’ve gotten to the point where they can deliver a solid set but it would really be great of them to lose the “Sunday Morning” song that makes me want to go away.

It was a great send-off to Brian a year and a day after the band played their first show. Hopefully they’ll find someone to fill his cute, little shoes.

I still say they could use another girl singer though. Who’s with me?