God bless you, Nemesisboy

I laugh my tits off at Nemesisboy every day that he writes something. He is a comic genius. And so prolific! Yesterday, he took down the Rage and started a new feature called “Your so Nashville if” — the highlight of which might be the opener:

Your so Nashville if…..you cut me off at the corner of Wedgewood and 21st so I followed you home and know where you live now.

Then today he writes on the uproar with the Features (or as he calls them “The Faetures”) and gives us a new rumor mill post. It’s all so unbelievably hilarious that I have been screaming with laughter at each new post. Well done, Nemesisboy, whoever you may be…

UPDATE (11.30pm): He’s going off on downtown lofts now. The last sentence is a killer.