Kristin v. Kelly

I’d decided to make Sunday my “blog about my book day” not only to focus my attention on my new novel but also as a sort of promise to my blog readers that I wouldn’t blog about it during the week. Ha!

But anyway, it’s the first Sunday after I made that plan and I am just now (10.45pm) getting around to trying to think of something to blog about. Plans and the blog, you know. Seldom the twain shall meet. I did come up with a sorta topic to throw out there and here it is:

Kristin Priesol vs. Kelly Sutton — a battle of the Nashville morning tv hostesses. Intriguing contest, no? Why is this book related? Because Barry Cherry, a washed-up b-movie director and protagonist of my new novel, has an opinion about which anchor he prefers.

Buy the book and be treated to Barry’s feelings about Kristin Priesol as well as plenty of other Nashville nuggets.

PS — Order a copy now to have it in time for Memorial Day weekend. Barry’s Cherries is a great beach book.