No quiero estado de policia

Every so often, I poke my head into the fantastical world of politics just long enough to wonder what in the hell people are so worked up about. Today’s example is whatever topic keeps involving the word “immigration.” I don’t really understand what the bickering parties are actually bickering over. I’m for open immigration because I’m for individual rights. I think Dr. B does a great job here of explaining that position:

An end to immigration quotas is demanded by the principle of individual rights. Every individual has rights as an individual, not as a member of this or that nation. One has rights not by virtue of being an American, but by virtue of being human.

I guess we’re building a fence or something now. If we packaged that with an open immigration policy, I don’t see why the fence would be such a bad thing. Like we’d be saying, “Come on in. Just use the front door.”

But presumably, that’s not what we’re doing.

I guess there’s some political hay to be made of this in respect to national security, but it’s pretty plain that neither major political party could be all that serious about national security otherwise they wouldn’t be pulling crap like this.

So I have a suggestion that would put an end both to border security and congressmen wasting time debating gay marriage: put Congress on fence patrol. You get 535 old white dudes baking in the Texas sunshine and I’ll bet they’ll have some great laughs. Us too.