Fake MySpace Profiles

My female friends all tell me about the complete douchebags who send them creepy messages through MySpace. I don’t know who the guys are who think that sort of thing works. Or rather, I shudder to think of the women who actually respond and convince those guys that sort of creepy introduction works. The thing is most of those guys are real. And it only occurred to me this morning that most women probably don’t know that men on MySpace are constantly accosted with friend requests from fake women — essentially adult services trying to entice guys to chat.

It’s been pretty easy to spot these fakes all along: as a rule, good-looking women whom I do not know don’t get in touch with me (but maybe that’s just me). So when I get a random friend request from some hot chick, chances are it’s fake. The profiles are always dead giveaways: there’s no personal information and the About Me section has way too much contact information in it — AIM, email, whatever.

Anyway, this morning I received a random friend request and clicked to the person’s profile to check it out and for the first time saw a huge graphic left in the comments saying “This profile is a possible fake.” Apparently one industrious young man has taken it upon himself to expose this scam. It’s pretty funny to read the IM conversation he’s had with the automated messenger bots that are actually in control of those “ladies'” AIM accounts.

Below Burnt Pickle’s comment are a bunch of comments from other users declaring the profile as fake. But hilariously, right in between all the “this is a fake” comments is this:

Thanks for adding us we love rocker chicks so keep rockin
from the boys of wds

Don’t you love how clueless bands on MySpace are?

If you’re wondering what one of these fake profiles looks like, the one I received is here.

UPDATE: Did I get on someone’s list? I’ve been getting fake friend requests all morning. I wish MySpace had a way to mark friend requests as Spam/Abuse. But I wish MySpace had a lot of things.