thankyouforsmokingSpeaking of movies, I saw Thank You For Smoking a while ago and though I had some things to say about it at the time, I’ve kinda lost any train of thought by this point.

The film was interesting. Sometimes funny. Sometimes thoughtful. But its chief plot tension seemed a little… meh — a narcississtic lobbyist for the tobacco companies sparring with an idiotic congressman over cigarrette warning labels.

Probably like most people my age, I wonder, “Is there really anyone left on the planet who doesn’t know smoking is bad for your health?” I don’t even understand why you have to bring doctors and scientists into this debate. Much less, irony. Surely, no one is arguing that inhaling smoke from a little tube that’s laced with chemicals and tar is good for you?

So while the performances were great and the tone of the movie was amusing throughout, the whole tension of the plot seemed almost far-fetched. Which is probably why Rob Lowe’s cameo is so hilarious — moreso than the lobbyist or politician, there was a character who embodied the absurdity of the debate.

PS — Best opening credits I’ve seen all year.