The DaVinci Code

Saw The DaVinci Code over the weekend (in keeping with my New Year’s resolution to see more movies in the theater). I enjoyed it. Never read the book.

Mostly the film moves along like a slightly more sophisticated (and more interesting) Grisham plot. It’s a bit hard to follow at times only because the format (summer blockbuster) doesn’t lend itself well to some necessary exposition. For example, I don’t think anyone connects the albino assassin to Opus Dei til far enough into the film where you might be thinking, “Who the hell is that guy?” However, if you followed the “controversy” preceding the film, you probably already knew that the albino was a member of Opus Dei.

The film is a touch long but unless they’d left out one of the endings, I don’t know what they could have cut. I liked the brief flashbacks that gave us background information. It kept the story moving along at a good pace. I also liked seeing a movie where someone solved cryptographic puzzles without simply feeding them to a computer (see: CSI). Previously, I might not have thought that watching someone scribble on a pad was in any way more exciting than watching someone type, but it turns out that it is.

And I know everyone’s made a lot of hay out of Dan Brown taking many of his ideas from Holy Blood, Holy Grail, but isn’t the whole secret-society-of-crazy-monks straight out of an Umberto Eco book? Why hasn’t there been a revived interest in Foucault’s Pendulum?