I’ve been catching up on some columns from Shawn Macomber — whom I think is the funniest, brightest, libertarian, heavy-metal-singing vegan I know — and I ran across this in a piece about YearlyKos and had to stifle my laughter:

NOT THAT I CARE. It’s sort of like the night I watched cops break up a rumble between rival groups of frat boys with tear gas — Where’s my popcorn? I could watch this fight all night.

Shawn is the genius responsible for this bon mot regarding March of the Penguins:

I just saw the absolutely beautiful March of the Penguins, which is meant to make you consider the majesty and pagentry of the natural world, but really just left me feeling like, if there is a God, he hates the shit out of penguins.

I feel evil just quoting that on my blog.

Shawn, hilariously (to us at least), got arrested at the GOP Convention in NYC in 2004. But it’s his exoneration that makes me chuckle harder:

As I reeled off the facts of the event in more than 40 radio interviews, I found the response to be completely and utterly baffling.

Liberals calling into these shows railed at me over and over again gleefully with the mantra, “Now you know what it feels like.” Now I know what what feels like? I’ve never arrested a throng of dirty hippies.

…On the other side, I’ve had more conservatives than I’d like to admit scolding me for speaking out at all. It was bad for “police morale,” one man gruffly lectured me. Yeah, well, spending 15 hours in jail without having my rights read to me or being informed of what the charges were against me was bad for “Shawn morale.”

Shawn’s is my favorite “arrested at the convention” story, but a close second is Todd K’s brother’s. He and a friend were honestly caught by the cops with a net. I can’t imagine how dumb I’d feel if I’d been wrapped up in a net with stinky protestors.

Wow. That was a tangent into some two-year-old hilarity.