Those crazy Nirvana kids

Adrienne posts the YouTube video of Nirvana’s appearance at Trees rock club in Dallas in 1991. Kurt, typically, is a complete asshole. Interesting to watch. I’m fairly certain that even 17-year-old me would have thought Kurt was a dick — maybe for no other reason than his destruction of guitars. Guitars cost money and I wasn’t a fucking douchebag rockstar who got his for free so it pissed me off that Kurt was constantly smashing his instruments.

How’s this for an example of the cynical corporate rock stars Nirvana became: when I saw them in ’93, they switched guitars for the last song. The guitars still had price tags hanging from their necks. I.E. the smashing of their guitars had simply become part of their stage show and they didn’t want to smash their good guitars so they just brought along others to break. Wankers.

EPILOGUE: I was searching for an interview with Steve Albini where he said that Kurt wouldn’t (or couldn’t) even tune his guitar during the In Utero sessions. I couldn’t find said interview. But I found this and it’s way more entertaining.

And of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t link to Albini’s Big Black tour diary.