You think your so smart…

If you hadn’t heard, WKRN threw a little get-together for Nashville bloggers. I promised I’d bring Nemesisboy and I delivered.

Hopefully this will silence any noise that Nemesisboy and I are never seen together. Please enjoy this photographic evidence that Nemesisboy exists.


Early in the evening, Nemesisboy and his handler arrived at Wolfy’s.


Then Nemesisboy dutifully made the rounds to meet some fans. Or just some bloggers. Or blog commenters. Or Wolfy’s enthusiasts. Or something.


Having worked up quite an appetite, Nemesisboy enjoyed some potato salad.


And then some corn on the cob.


Finally, after a good deal of socializing, Nemesisboy relaxed with a Budweiser.


Unfortunately, we were asked to leave a moment later when, after several more Buds, Nemesisboy angrily accused the trash can behind him of being “a lazy droid.” It was ugly.

We weren’t quite able to make WKRN cool again, but we’ve made strides in that direction. Make sure to check Nemesisboy’s blog for his own wrap-up.