You cannot be serious

There was pong last night.

I played my old friend Edwin in a smoke-choked bar. He easily defeated me in the first game. I had to fight to stay in it. But then I got his number. Edwin’s a power-player who can get to almost anything and hit it back so hard and fast that it was hard for me to get set. So I had to stop him with my serves.

I usually mix up my serves. They’re nothing really fancy — unlike Monty’s. There’s a slice, a topspin and then a little change-up one. Edwin was crushing my topspin and slice. But my change-up tends to shoot off my opponent’s paddle. They can’t crush it. Even if they try to slice it to avoid going long, it might spring off the table.

So, about ten points into the second game, I decided change-up it is. All night. It’s boring to serve the same all night but I do what I gotta to win. I won the first set 2-1 and the second set 2-0. Edwin won a final “championship” game. I have no staying power. Unlike Rocky, I can’t go the distance.

PS — I’ve been reading John McEnroe’s autobiography.

PPS — I’ve also watched Rocky I and II over the past couple of days.