And you thought you watched a lot of tv

As last week’s post on Lady Jesus may have demonstrated, the lady loves her television. I mean, she listens to The Price is Right. That’s love.

One day, she asked me if I watched a lot of tv at home. And I said yes and then, well not really. I mean, I watch tv, but I don’t think it’s often current tv. I pop DVDs in all the time but I don’t really sit through many current shows. So she guessed that I was probably on the computer all night. And I said, yes, I’m on the computer a lot but I try not to be on after I’m done working. It tends to suck up a lot of time.

There may have been an awkward pause since I usually dislike being roped into conversations with LJ and she basically can’t stop talking once she starts because I’m sure I didn’t ask her about her television viewing habits yet she told me. An awkward pause would have brought that on. So, in case you were curious, while Lady Jesus may not actually “watch” a lot of tv, she consumes all of it. Seriously, all of it. She told me that when she’s at home, she always has a tv on. She has a television in every room of her house.

She told me her plans for that evening were to eat dinner and then get in bed and watch tv. I do not remember the exact circumstances under which this conversation took place. Maybe she had had an unusually busy day and we were discussing (her talking, me nodding) relaxing at our homes later. I don’t want to imply that this is what she does every night. I don’t know.

What I know is that as the conversation continued, she elaborated on the statement that she “has the tv on all night.” I was thinking, sure, you watch the prime time shows and then the news. But she meant literally: the television is on all night. It was at this point that I asked her directly: you mean you sleep with the tv on? Yes.

That’s love.