Come on down

I realize that the character of Lady Jesus hasn’t been fleshed out well yet. Right now, to you, she’s just a woman I work with who says “Jeeesus” or “sheeet” when someone asks for the key to the filing cabinet.

But my careful doling out of LJ stories is intentional. The whole picture isn’t as funny as the individual incidents.

For example, LJ has one of those radios that picks up broadcast tv stations. She has this because she likes to listen to The Price is Right every morning. She likes to listen to the Price is Right every morning. According to her, “it’s just like watching the show.” According to me, “it’s just like listening to the show.”

It’s not at all like watching the show. It’s hard enough to understand those crazy ass games when you’re looking at them. Try just listening. It doesn’t make any sense.

After the show is over, she often leaves the radio on. Every once in a while I’ll hear dialogue from her side of the aisle and I’ll realize that there’s a soap opera playing. Once in a random while, the radio will remain on until Talk of the Town. Often, she’ll go to lunch or on a smoke break and leave the radio on. As if I want to keep listening.

I don’t.

So I’ll walk over to her desk and switch it off. Once she asked me if I switched it off. I said yes and she wondered why. I wondered why she wondered why.

ADDENDUM: We’ve officially gone well past Talk of the Town time and the “tv” is still on. I don’t know what’s playing because I put my headphones on.