Fishbowl LA passes along a theory on why you haven’t heard of Mike Judge’s new film Idiocracy:

Having seen the movie, though, the best theory I have is that some of the sponsors may well have been unhappy with the way their products are placed, and made some phone calls to higher-ups. Carls Jr. is prominently mentioned, featuring their new slogan “Fuck you! I’m eating!”, their “super big-ass fries,” and when one woman is unable to pay for her fries, the Carls Jr. automatic dispenser calls the cops and tells her her children are now the property of Carl’s Jr.

An Amazon reviewer offers another take:

This isn’t a case of the big bad studio execs crippling a potentially great film. There is no conspiracy, “Idiocracy” is simply a horrible movie. Fox Studios is doing the right thing by killing this film. They don’t want a bunch of unhappy customers and that’s exactly what you’ll be. I may as well have flushed a ten dollar bill down the toilet. Not only is it extremely low budget, but the script is terrible. It’s not funny, it’s not cleverly satiric, it’s just awful.