Tall Hands EP


I’ll be frank with you: my initial fandom of French Kicks, Strokes, Walkmen, etc faded. Pretty quickly actually. I loved what they were going for originally (or what I thought they were going for) but they all seemed to make a conscious decision to get off the path they were on and go somewhere else. Somewhere I didn’t care for.

This afternoon, I randomly dropped Tall Hands‘s untitled EP into my CD player. And started loving it immediately. They’ve got all the reverb of the Kicks and Walkmen but they play actual songs. The tangible kind. The kind of songs that you can hang onto. Even sing along with.

Imagine an American Supergrass (circa the self-titled album) and you’ll get the gist of Tall Hands — organic sounds, pretty melodies, and something a little anachronistic that you can’t place. Highly enjoyable.