Very busy man

bluetoothThere was an entry in Vice’s “Do’s and Don’ts” last year where they approached a man with a blue tooth headset on and asked what was the appeal. He replied that it was about having the latest thing. At which, Vice wondered if the latest thing was making us feel embarassed for him. At least, this is how I remember the exchange.

I think about that everytime I see someone with a blue tooth headset because inevitably they’re not driving. I understand it when driving. It’s definitely safe. I don’t want to mock that. It’s just that when you get out of the car, take it off. Because, speaking for the non-cyborgs, I’ll tell you that you either look crazy when having a conversation without holding a phone to your head or you remind us of that guy from Next Generation with the hair-clip on his face.

Anyway, this is all prologue to the photo on the right. This picture was served to me by MySpace this morning as a “Cool New Person.” He’s my favorite blue tooth user ever. Blue tooth and phone to the head while apparently driving. Perfect. I’m no longer embarassed for you.